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I started my friendship with small airplanes in the Army at age 19 as an aircraft repairman and crew chief from 1966-69. I maintained and flew in Beavers, Otters, Queen Air, and just about every helicopter the Army had in its arsenal. It was 1997 when I landed my dream, a private pilot’s license with USAF Aero Club, Hanscom AFB. I flew club C-172s, Cherokees, and Arrows. Over the next ten years I added Instrument, high performance, complex and seaplane sign-offs. In 2000 I purchased a Seawind kit.  I then added a PT6-20 engine and a G 1000 avionics suite. I flew it first in 2012 and I landed it in Airventure, Oshkosh 2014. My love of flight has only grown over my life. I greatly enjoy the aviation communities and all they have to offer. I now park my Super Seawind and my hat near where I was born, Lexington, MA where I live with my wife Peggy.  To learn even more, see the latest news at

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