Steve Wightman

Super Seawind, N71RJ, pilot.

My Moon Shot, But First the Spaceship, N71RJ

When I admire my Super Seawind sleeping beauty I recall that it was first my vision and now my creation. I had built the first ever PT6 powered Seawind and I flew N71RJ all the way up to 19,000’ at breathtaking speeds. That’s something! I recently finished the annual inspection IAW a strict maintenance schedule I authored in 2013. I feel accomplished because N71RJ is safer and better equipped than ever. Like an old friend, it’s waiting for me on the tarmac. All it needs is a qualified pilot plus a little wanderlust.

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Harrison Ford Likes N71RJ Super – Seawind

When I met Harrison Ford Sunday May 4, 2017 in Boston, I guess I could say another dream a light year away had somehow come true. The funny thing is that I didn’t seek him out. Yes, I knew Harrison Ford was scheduled to be the Cabot Award recipient for the Aero Club of New England, ACONE for his volunteer work flying teenagers as part of the Experimental Aircraft Association, EAA, and yes I had mailed him a letter weeks before inviting him to come and see my Super Seawind Amphibious airplane at Hanscom Air Force Base

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7 Ways I Make My Seawind Fly Safer

That sad day in 2014, she had not only lost a loving husband, but a copilot friend too. Like her husband, the copilot was also a dad, a friend, a brother and a son. There were no survivors. Something critical had been overlooked. Understanding the cause of this fatal crash and so many others over my flying years I reflected; “what makes my Seawind safer than other builders and even safer than type certificated airplanes like Cirrus, Cessna and Piper?”

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