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Having fun in my Seawind

Having fun in my Seawind

2b98194b-e85b-4445-9b98-f7d48ce010e2With stills and video you may enter the world of real flying in a small highly maneuverable airplane. See video of leaving Bedford, MA for Oshkosh (1200 miles).

Also, see the Turbine Super Seawind approach and land at Bedford, MA. You can hear for yourself what the turbine engine sounds like in the cockpit:

The following photos were taken a Seward Military Resort, Kenai Fiords National Monument (NM) Alaska. Here, we shall return in 2016. Our itinerary is Seattle, Ketchikan, Anchorage, Seward, Katmai National Park (NP), Wood Tik Chik SP (optional), Lake Clark NP, Anchorage, Ketchikan, Seattle and home. Weather will play a big roll in our travel plans. We may cancel one or more visits in favor of better weather elsewhere. If we only stayed in Misty Fiords National Monument and Seward, that would be enough to blow our minds with the incredible natural beauty of Alaska. It is simply indescribable in mere words. I think I would need a PhD in poetry to give these fiords justice.

Millions of acres of sheer blue and white ice walls as tall as skyscrapers line icy blue water inlets. Here chunks of ice as big as homes break off and crash into the sea. Orca pods hunt channels for seals on ice bars that have let their guards down. Giant bears fish for returning salmon rushing against a torrent current. Bald eagles fight seagulls and seize every opportunity to steal a bear’s meal as it tears fish into pieces. One bear I once watched grabbed a salmon in his mouth and with his fore paw, flipped about fifty feet into the air creating a frenzy with birds trying to intercept it mid air. It was an acrobatic performance not to be missed. You can follow this year’s epoch adventure with my eyes in the skies camcorders and still high density cameras mounted on my airplane and my helmet while kayaking.  Yes, I did say kayaking. There’s no more beautiful place on the entire planet than Alaska park lands, national forests and national parks. That’s why I’m packing a 17′ tandem Klepper kayak into the back of my Seawind. Once we land and park in a lake, we can assemble it and travel with all the gear we need for miles into the most spectacular scenery on Earth.  I hope to capture lots of wildlife big and small doing what they do to survive in this harsh wilderness every day. In the mean time, please send me some good fish recipes. I have a feeling they’ll come in handy. Happy trails.

20150810 Seward Resort Fish Weighing (60)

20150810 Salmon Catch Processing (55)

Steve Wightman

Super Seawind, N71RJ, pilot.

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  1. Umm, salmon, I’m getting hungry!

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